Five Contemporary Window Treatment Ideas

How you dress the windows in your home can make or break a room. Not only do window treatments allow you to regulate light flow and privacy in your home, but they also help bring a room together, soften its hard edges and make it flow. Therefore, window treatments should be carefully considered and planned.

Window treatment ideas for your home

1. A statement valance

When you think of valances, you might be imagining an out-dated, overly frilly piece of fabric at the top of your window, but banish this idea and embrace the valance as a way to make a real style statement. Think oversized designs in a bold, bright fabric and you're on the right (curtain) tracks. Choose your fabric carefully to really make your windows pop and tie it in perfectly with your room décor. For example, a great Ikkat fabric in a bold colour can add real depth to a room.

2. Layer curtains

To add depth and warmth to your home double up your curtains and hang two layers over each other. This is a look that shows no signs of going out of style. When used cleverly, it can add both deluxe design and practicality. Think about the fabrics and colours you layer to make the maximum impact. Sheer curtains provide great layers over bold colour block curtains or vice versa. Layering is also great for customizing your home style and helping to reflect your personality.

3. Add sheers

Sheers are great for those who love natural light flooding into their homes but want to take the edge and glare off, creating a soft, ambient glow. White or cream sheers are perfect for a neutral and minimalist look. Lately, sheers in soft greys and pastel colours have also been popular. Sheers will instantly add an airy romance to a bedroom window or an understated elegance to a living room.

4. Box it up

Box pleats have been having a big moment this year in window treatments. Box pleats - where two lengths of fabric are folded away from each other in opposite directions - give a crisp, clean look and make a window treatment seem full and glamorous. It's perfect for creating a full look in a more traditional home while using less fabric than window dressings made with other types of pleats.

5. Shutters

Shutters are a great way to add character and style to your home, with plantation-style shutters being very popular right now. These can be fitted on even the most awkwardly shaped windows, while sections of the shutters can be operated separately to give you full control over the light flow. Shutters don't need to be just white anymore; soft greys, silvers and natural wood shades are all great, contemporary choices.

When it comes to window treatment ideas, there's lots of choice and plenty to consider. Get it right and it can bring your home design to the next level. The Designers Resource Centre will be happy to help you discuss your window treatment ideas.