Flooring Ideas to Create an Outdoor Oasis

More than just the outdoor space attached to the back of the house, yards are an extension of our homes. When the Covid pandemic confined us all to our homes, our yards became our own special sanctuaries. More of us are spending time and money turning our yards into an outdoor oasis - an extra "room" of our home for entertaining friends or just for relaxing. While creating your outdoor oasis, one of the most important considerations is what flooring you use.

Things to consider before choosing outdoor flooring

Flooring companies recommend that before selecting flooring for your new outdoor space, you should decide what you want to achieve. Divide your garden into zones. Are you creating an outdoor dining area? Will it be an outdoor seating area for relaxing? Know your space first before you select your perfect flooring, and take climate and weather conditions into consideration, too.

Create your perfect outdoor oasis with help from expert flooring companies

Once you know what you want the area to be, approach reputed flooring companies for advice and guidance.

For those who want to create a warm and inviting seating area, traditional wood decking is a great choice. Timeless and classic, it also gives a natural and cozy feel to your outdoor space.

Many decking companies now offer composite decking alongside traditional timber options. Composite decking is increasingly popular because it is less susceptible to weather damage, requires minimal maintenance and looks great. Some still favor the look of timber wood decking, but keep in mind that it requires regular maintenance. Consider shaking things up a little by playing around with the pattern of your wooden decking. For example, lay wood in a herringbone style to create a stylish look.

Tiled patio areas are also classic and stylish. Porcelain tiles are dense and strong, so opt for matt and textured styles to stop them from becoming slippery when wet. Ceramic tiles look beautiful too but are best reserved for lighter-use patio areas not subjected to extreme weather conditions. Most flooring companies recommend that ceramic tiles used outdoors carry a special rating to indicate they are strong enough.

Natural stones such as marble, slate and travertine always look amazing, adding a rustic yet luxurious feeling to your outdoor area. These are ideal for outdoor dining or kitchen areas thanks to their durability but can be expensive. Slate is a popular choice, especially in dark grey or black, and it's perfect if you want to create an ultra-modern outdoor space.

Another trick to make your outdoor space feel like a true extension of your indoor space is to use tiles that match or at least complement those used inside your home, particularly in rooms that join on to your patio area.

And if you want your outdoor oasis to have a Mediterranean vibe, consider tiles with a terracotta finish or even patterned tiles. Use blue and white patterned tiles to create an outdoor oasis that transports you to Morocco whenever you step outside.