How Do You Choose the Right Fabric for Your Treasured Upholstery?

Upholstered furniture like chairs and sofas are usually investment pieces that stay in our homes for many years. That means it is important to choose the right fabric that will make us happy now and in the future, is stylish yet timeless enough to fit into your home for years to come and is also long-lasting and durable. When getting custom upholstery done, the choices can seem endless. Patterned or plain? Bright or neutral? Leather or velvet? Here is our guide on what to consider when choosing fabric for your custom upholstery.

Consider the functionality of your custom upholstery

Before looking at fabric, you need to know exactly where your treasured upholstered furniture will be going and for what it will be used. How much it will be used and who will use it are the key factors when it comes to choosing fabric. For example, a sofa used by a family with three kids will need a different fabric than a decorative accent chair in a hallway that will rarely be used. The functionality of the sofa will help determine the best type of fabric for the job.

Think about the size of the furniture

Much like the functionality of the piece, size should also be considered. If you are looking for custom upholstery for a large sofa, it may be best to stick with a solid color - perhaps a warm neutral - that does not date so quickly. It is likely to fit into your home for longer than a trend-led print, which can date quickly. Print and pattern could be better suited to a smaller accent piece of furniture instead.

Consider texture

Texture is particularly important in creating an interesting and characterful home. Most designers tend to mix fabrics to stop a room from feeling flat. Before choosing fabrics, consider what other textiles are in the room and how they may work alongside your new upholstery. Light textures such as linen and cotton can give an airy, summery feel, while velvet, leather and wool are heavier. A well-balanced mixture of these textures is usually the best option.

Look at furniture shape

How the furniture looks can even help dictate what fabric would suit it best. A simple piece of furniture can often take a more vibrant, colorful and playful fabric, while a more ornate, sculptural piece may need a plainer and more neutral color to work against the quirkiness of its shape and form.

Color: subtle or standout?

Decide if you want to choose a color that stands out or one that is more subtle. A plainer, more neutral color is more likely to last longer, while a color pop or patterned sofa could date quicker. Make sure you consider the whole room and the colors and styles already in play before making your decision.

Take your time choosing the right fabric to ensure it is something you will be happy with in the long run.