Questions to Ask Before Installing Hardwood Floors

Beautiful, timeless and durable, hardwood flooring is a popular choice for many homeowners. Laying hardwood flooring can give you a cozy, traditional and timeless floor that is often much sought-after among buyers and can add value to your home. Before you rush off to search all the flooring stores in Vancouver, here are five questions you need to ask before laying hardwood floors in your home.


1. What kind of hardwood flooring is best for me?

When investing in hardwood flooring, you need to choose the right kind of wood for your room. This will help keep your hardwood floor looking its best for as long as possible. If you have pets or children, you will likely need to seek out the most durable options. The same is true if you plan to lay hardwood flooring in high-traffic areas of the home, such as hallways or kitchens. When shopping for hardwood flooring, be sure to tell the experts at the flooring stores in Vancouver exactly who lives in your home and how it is used. This will help to ensure you choose the right kind for you. Remember to avoid hardwood floors in any room where there is moisture or dampness as it will lead to mold.


2. Solid wood or engineered wood?

Before choosing your hardwood flooring, decide if you want solid hardwood or engineered hardwood. The first is made of solid wood throughout its whole thickness, while the latter is made from a thinner layer of hardwood bonded over high-quality plywood. Solid hardwood can be sanded down and refinished several times, while engineered hardwood can only be refinished once or twice in its lifespan. Solid hardwood usually carries the bigger price tag, however. Make sure you understand the difference between the two types and weigh up which is best for you.


3. Are you fully qualified to install hardwood flooring?

When dealing with potential suppliers, check whether they are fully insured and certified to install the flooring before you make any decisions. When making such a big investment in your home, you want it to be done correctly.


4. Ask the flooring stores in Vancouver if there is a warranty

Be sure to understand exactly what your warranty covers and how long it will last. Hardwood floors sometimes require specialized care, so make sure you do not do anything to damage the wood and invalidate your warranty.


5. How do I look after my flooring?

Find out exactly what you have to do to care for hardwood floors in your home. Some hardwood flooring will need to be periodically sanded or treated; make sure you know how often this is likely to need done so you can decide if you are up to the challenge. Find out which cleaning products and techniques are best for the type of flooring you are considering so you do not cause any damage to your new purchase. Ask the experts at Designers Resource Centre (DRC), one of the most reputed flooring stores in Vancouver, and we will be happy to help.