Transform Your Office Space with Whiteboard Wallpaper

With more of us than ever before working from home, home offices have taken on a greater importance. Creating a space where we can be organized and productive is paramount. To create the ultimate office space - whether at home or at your company's HQ - more and more people are turning to whiteboard wallpaper as their wall covering of choice. Here is a look at what whiteboard wallpaper is, how it works and why it is a great wall covering idea.

What exactly is whiteboard wallpaper?

As its name suggests, whiteboard wallpaper is a dry erase wallpaper that allows you to turn your walls into writeable surfaces. Once applied to the walls, you can use dry wipe markers and erasers to write to-do lists, draw diagrams, work out problems and write notes to yourself and others. It means you will never run out of workspace again. When finished, simply wipe off and start again.

What are the advantages of whiteboard wallpaper?

Whiteboards have been a popular wall covering idea in offices, classrooms and universities for decades. In home offices, there can be many advantages to using whiteboard wallpaper. It creates a huge space for brainstorming ideas and planning, and takes your work way beyond your desk, kitchen table or traditional flip chart. You and anyone else working alongside you in the office will have a clear visual prompt reminding you of targets, schedules and plans. Research has also shown that writing on large vertical surfaces can help children be more engaged and focused while developing fine motor skills. So, if you have children who may sometimes be studying or are being homeschooled in the office, it can be a great benefit for them, too.

Tips for using whiteboard wallpaper as a home office wall covering idea:

Take a good look around your office to see which wall or walls are best suited to whiteboard wallpaper. You could cover all four walls of the office if you want or opt for just one wall; it usually makes sense for this to be the closest wall to the desk for ease of access. You could also create huge frames using simple MDF strips and wallpaper within them to create your own, custom-sized whiteboard space.

Create sections on your whiteboard-wallpapered wall so an expanse of whiteboard does not become too overwhelming. It will also help you to stay more organized.

If the walls of your office are covered in notes and writing, it is best to try to streamline the rest of your furniture and décor so you can create a harmonious balance.

Take the time to look after your walls to ensure they stay in good condition. Check with the wallpaper creators to find out exactly what products and techniques to use.

If you want to make your home office a creative and productive space, consider whiteboard wallpaper for a useful and impactful solution that is sure to leave you feeling more organized and inspired.